BCC provides attorney's services, which includes representation and protection of clients rights at the Courts and Arbitrations. BCC also provides prior assessment of the case and its evaluation.

Attorney's Services are offered in following areas:

1. Civil Law
2. Administrative Law
3. Constitutional Law
4. Criminal Law
5. Human Rights
6. Tax Law

Our experienced Attorneys will deliver services you need. Our goal is fully comply with clients interests. Our lawyers shall examine each particular case prior with our client and shall agree expectations at an early stage. We shall have a depth of knowledge and understanding of your situation.
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BCC Group

Address: Tovstonogov Str. #13, Tbilisi 0112, Georgia

Tel/Fax: (995 32) 95 54 54;
(995 32) 91 17 17

E mail: bcc@bcc.ge
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NEW Service - Company Incorporation in the Offshore Jurisdiction
BCC Group began establishment of the biggest Turkish Bank in Georgia
BCC Group has begun provision of marketing services
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