Legal service are offered by Business Consulting Company. We offer services in the following legal fields:

Corporate Law

In this area our services include, but are not limited to, consultations on pre-incorporation procedures, drafting up of all the necessary documents, state registration of the companies, joint ventures, branches, representative offices and other business entities envisaged by the existing Georgian legislation, liquidation, transformation, merger, division of an enterprise. We also assist our clients in obtaining all necessary licenses and permits from relevant authorities.

Contract Law

We provide full legal services related to the contracts. Our company has a rich experience in this area. We offer: drafting up any kind of contract, expertise, termination, withdrawal of the contracts, compensation for the damages occurred after the non-fulfillment of the contractual obligations, consultations with clients on the issues related to the drafting of the contract.

Registration of Real Estate and Related Issues

We provide legal advice on purchasing, registering and holding of the real estate. Our company assists its clients in the procedures related to the registration of the real estate.

Construction Law

Our company has special division concentrating on constriction rules and procedures. We help our clients to obtain construction and planning licenses and permits. We represent our clients in municipal and local state authorities. Our practice also includes drafting up relevant contracts and provision of the consultations in order to find most practical solutions for legal issues arising during and after the construction period.

Bank and Insurance Law (Financial Law)

We have a broad experience in serving local and foreign commercial banks, insurance companies and corporate lenders, as well as borrowers, with respect to financial transactions. We have an experience of establishment a Bank, Representation of the foreign bank, transformation of the banks. We are practicing in drafting all kinds of legal documents necessary for the operation of the Bank.

One of our client is the Biggest Turkish Financial Istitution – Ziraat Bank, also we are working closely with the local banks.

International Private Law

Our company provides high quality legal consultations on the application of laws and regulations and their impact on the conduct of business in Georgia. We are providing advices on the variety of issues connected to the international business transactions; we are drafting contracts for various local and foreign companies and persons involved in complicated international relations.


We are helping our clients to participate in the privatization process, organization of bidding consortia, implementation of tenders and preparation of all necessary legal documents (business plans, analyses, bidder’s documentation, etc.). We are providing advices in connection of all aspects of privatization process.

We have a huge experience in organizing business meetings between the parties of the transactions, preparing all the necessary documents and execution of the proceedings set by the local legislation.

Bankruptcy Law

We are helping our clients to manage necessary proceedings set by the Georgian law. We are giving basic legal advises connected to the bankruptcy and provide all the necessary legal documents to support interests of our clients’.

Labor Law

Business Consulting Company has a broad experience dealing with the Labor Code of Georgia. We regularly assist our clients in drafting employment contracts, company by laws, code of conducts, orders and other internal documents.
We have a huge experience in the participating in the disputes related to the employment relations.

Tax and Customs Law

Our company provides full range of tax and customs consultations. Helping clients with the most complicated issues.

Intellectual Property Law

ur lawyers represent foreign and domestic clients in all aspects of intellectual property rights and related licensing and litigation. We are helping our clients to register all kinds of Intellectual Property.
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