Financial services are offered by Business Consulting Centre. Offered Financial services include:

1. Organization and control of relations with Tax Authorities;
2. Provision of Accountancy (In case of client's demand in-house acount will be provided);
3. Ongoing and annual Audit;
4. Consultation on accountancy and tax issues;
5. Property valuation.

Our company will help you to add credibility to the implied assertion by your organization's management that its financial statements fairly represent the organization's position and performance to the company's shareholders and other interested parties. The principal stakeholders of a company are typically its shareholders, but other parties such as tax authorities, banks, regulators, suppliers, customers and employees may also have an interest in ensuring that the financial statements are accurate. BCC Audit will help you to reduce the possibility of a material misstatement.

We will deliver the services you need, this will be achieved by having a depth of knowledge and a thorough understanding of your situation. We will provide you with integrated service, encompassing accountancy support such as tax and corporate finance, but increasingly business analytics and risk management and specialist sector knowledge, such as shipping, financial or insurance.

We will help you achieve your objectives through strategic guidance and sensible advice, whether you are a multi-national corporation or a local enterprise.

BCC Audit is striving to be the advisor you want. We understand the need to provide advice to help our clients develop their business. BCC Audit’s approach is based on developing a sound understanding of the business and the financial risks that face it. By agreeing expectations at an early stage the audit is focused on the requirements of the business. This enables us to provide an audit opinion on the financial statements while still presenting the business owner with useful information to assist in future development.

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