BCC Group provides cost-effective incorporation and annual maintenance services of the offshore companies. We offer following services:

1. Incorporation of the Company in an offshore jurisdiction;

2. Nominee Service

The nominee director and shareholder service is used to ensure the highest degree of privacy and confidentiality.
Under the law of some countries information on directors and/or shareholders must be registered in the public files of the Companies Registry. Therefore only by using nominee directors and/or shareholders can the client's anonymity and confidentiality be ensured.
Third party directors with residential status in a fiscally neutral country are used so that the offshore company cannot be considered resident for tax purposes and liable to tax at local rates on world-wide income in countries with on-shore legislation.
Also it should be noted that anonymity and confidentiality could be compromised if the client signs business documents as the director.
The essence of a nominee service is that it is the names of the nominee directors and/or shareholders that are indicated in the corporate documentation, according to their designation. Thus the names of the company's beneficial owners are not disclosed to the Companies Registry, so that clients are ensured the utmost confidentiality.
At the same time the appointed nominees are not actually entitled to manage the company. They can provide the beneficial owner with a Power of Attorney empowering him to run the business, manage the company's activities and open and operate the company's bank accounts.

3. Legal Support

Any company must have its Registered Office in the country of registration irrespective of where the company's business is conducted. BCC Group provides registered office facilities in the country of incorporation as well as the services of a Registered Agent if required by local law.
Under local legislation the company must keep all statutory records and other documents which must be available for review.

4. Bank Account

BCC Group will provide its clients with the bank account in the desired jurisdiction. Clients will be able to manage their accounts through the internet.

BCC Group provides incorporation services for the following Jurisdictions:

1. British Virgin Islands;
2. Seychelles;
3. Gibraltar;
4. Cyprus;
5. Dominica;
6. Belize;
7. Antigua;
8. Aruba;
9. Bahama;
10. Bahrain;
11. Barbados;
12. Cayman Isl. and others.

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